Services and Processes

The capability of ECLEXYS to collect data from a plethora of cost-effective sensors, managed by a new concept of intelligent and autonomous gateway, is exploited, at its best, by sophisticated ICT approaches leading to the availability of control centers and analytic tools, which give the providers of the assistance service a total control over the collection of medical/domotic data.

The output of the remote sensors is made exploitable by user-friendly interfaces that can monitored also by non-technical personnel. This network infrastructure allows for an easy transfer of relevant information also to third party stakeholders of the assistance initiative (e.g. informal caregivers, professional providers such as municipalities’ services and no-profit associations etc.).

ECLEXYS’ graphical user interface performance has been optimized to guarantee easy management of sensor networks, even if operated even in distant regions of the world (sub-Saharian African countries, South America, Israeli and Australia deserts etc.)

Localization from Switzerland, on ECLEXYS GUI, of an Australian cardiologic outpatient in Melbourne.

Another stronghold in ECLEXYS’ offer, stemming from the company’s command of data collection from hundreds/thousands of sensors, is the expertise in applying “big data” algorithms to the content of huge databases, extracting by cluster analysis additional input for the medical and assistance personnel. For instance, big data analysis allows detecting immediately the onset of epidemic events from the spatial correlation of remote medical sensors output, that would remain unnoticed in state-of-art architectures.

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