Cybersecurity is in-built in ECLEXYS history and DNA, due to the experience of its founder and technical team in early research on this topic at major Universities and Polytechnic schools in Switzerland. ECLEXYS’ experts are often present, as members or consultants, in national advisory boards devoted to the contrast of cybercrime.

This special expertise in data protection and cybersecurity, of critical importance nowadays in every ICT project, is even more essential in e-health applications, owing to the sensitivity of the data collected, exchanged and stored, especially considering the recent phasing-in of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Leveraging on its expertise in hardware ECLEXYS -unlike most competitors- is able to manage the philosophy of “security by design” by embedding tailored cybercurity features at the hardware level, thus opposing attacks brought by the most skilled adversaries.

In this respect, ECLEXYS can leverage on the offer of a consolidated portfolio of products and services for data security.

  • EXYS9000-EFS: extended modular firewall and intrusion detection system
  • EXYS9000-ETS: a customizable endpoint tunneling system

At ECLEXYS cyber-security issues are dealt with by experts with the technical and management skills required to deliver superior customer service along with high levels of engagement to clients.

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