The suite of products developed by Eclexys is all-encompassing and able to protect against business disruptions. Solutions span from infrastructure vulnerability assessment to real-time network and event monitoring.
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Corporate networks can be infected while connecting to malicious domains. With EXYS-SDNS, the company’s DNS traffic is directed towards Eclexys’ high-performance SecureDNS servers. Updated on a 24/7 basis with custom feeds of bad domains and AI-powered detection of Algorithmically Generated Domains, malicious requests are blocked before they can infect infrastructure. Thanks to an effortless configuration, corporate security is improved in just a few minutes.


EXYS-MDR thoroughly inspects corporate internal network traffic and events, for both on-premise and cloud-based infrastructures. The direct connection to our intelligence platform guarantees real-time threat detection capabilities. Anomalies (malicious activities and/or misconfigurations) can easily be detected and remediated, thanks to a dedicated team of analysts (with 24/7 coverage possible upon request). Lastly, an in-depth analytics and monitoring platform is made available to corporate administrators, with a simplified user interface also available for management personel.


EXYS-IVS (Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning) provides visibility on a company’s assets and their vulnerabilities. Scanning can be performed at various levels of detail: from simple inventory enumeration to detailed “X-ray analysis” of every workstation. Scan results are collected in a report containing the overview of assets found on a corporate network and any existing vulnerability, along with risk score and recommendations. A perfect and quick solution to keep a company’s infrastructure and risk under control.


Eclexys Extended Firewalling System (EXYS-EFS), is the third key element for the increased security of your enterprise. Modular, scalable, and configurable to each customer’s need, it guarantees protection against a broad range of network threats, vulnerabilities and exploits, including SQL or code injection, cross-site scripting, denial of service attacks, trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, and many other threats. The EXYS-EFS perfectly answers the needs of customers willing to have a clear picture of external attacks to their corporate perimeter. The product can also be appreciated for its shielding function to protect non-secured infrastructures such as Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Medical Devices (MD). The product is available in several form factors and can be deployed across multiple physical locations as well as in Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

*All products are 100% Swiss made, developed, deeply tested, and maintained by Eclexys experienced team of threat intelligence engineers and analysts. A network of selected distributors guarantees on-site deployment, instruction and local support.


The services offered by Eclexys consist in a suite of security and exposure assessments (EXYS-SEA), a dedicated suite of cyber threat intelligence solutions (EXYS-CTI) and a tailored cybersecurity training program (EXYS-TRN)


Every cybersecurity strategy should start with an assessment of the current situation. With EXYS-SEA we provide the elements to understand your cyber security posture, the related level of maturity along with a risk matrix, and we propose concrete steps to improve it. In addition, EXYS-SEA can be supplemented with penetration tests and the planning of a cybersecurity strategy compliant with international standards. As part of the EXYS-SEA suite, Eclexys also offers a third-party verification service, should a company need to assess the “cybersecurity health” of its partners, suppliers or investors.
Last but not least, the EXYS-SEA service is appreciated by companies and institutions willing to check and correct their compliance to privacy regulations such as GDPR and the Swiss data protection law (LPD) which entered into force on 1 September 2023.


Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) has become a key element in enterprise security. While products on the market generally address perimeter and internal network security, CTI is concerned with looking outside the perimeter. This enables anticipation of possible attacks by providing technical and strategic insights to both management and security officers. EXYS-CTI is a comprehensive suite of services: from access to a Threat Portal with reports on new attack techniques and criminal or state actors operating in the digital world, to the provision of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) and YARA rules to anticipate or identify attacks. And access to the pro version of Abayot**, a platform for analyzing IPs, domains, malicious code and potentially dangerous documents. The intelligence platform at Eclexys is fed with a worldwide network of threat intelligence sensors as well as with third party datasets.


Eclexys, having its roots in academia and threat intelligence, has years of experience in training of every kind and level of end users. Eclexys’ trainings (EXYS-TRN) target management (executive strategic trainings), employees (cybersecurity awareness), as well as IT and OT professionals, threat analysts or SOC operators. The training programs span from few hours, to several days and cover a very wide range of topics relating to digitalization processes, cybersecurity and cybercrime. An exhaustive list of topics can be made available upon request.

**Abayot is an Eclexys trademark. An open version of the platform is available at abayot.space.



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