About us

Eclexys is a Swiss privately owned company founded in 2005. It was born from a desire on the part of technology passioned founders to create “Swiss Made” solutions, so as to provide customers with Swiss and European technologies and savoir-faire. Thanks to a strong passion for several technology domains, in the first years of activity the company was focused on the research, development and implementation of solutions in the fields of reliable data communication, global navigation satellite systems, innovative sensor networks and Internet of Things technologies, e-health, tracking and localization of vehicles and individuals. Data acquisition systems and big-data processing always represented an important knowledge base for the company. Eclexys started his cybersecurity journey as a developer and provider of secure tunneling systems, modular firewalling solutions and system management.

Experience in managing and analyzing huge amounts of data naturally initiates Eclexys into the world of analytical platforms of cyberattacks and network traffic. With the knowledge gained in its early years, Eclexys has been developing innovative cyber security technologies for more than a decade now. Today, Eclexys is a well-established business with high-quality solutions developed entirely in Switzerland, and grouped in the “EXYS” product line.

In a world shaken by geopolitical tensions, continuing sanctions against cyber security and tech firms, a future that tends toward technological segmentation, and the insecurity of surveillance and access to customer data by foreign States, Swiss and European companies, especially, are struggling in finding a suitable partner for their own security. Eclexys is able to respond to these new challenges with products and services entirely developed in Switzerland and deployed from Switzerland. In addition, the mastering of its own codes, allows Eclexys not to depend on third-party companies to optimize its products, update them, or adapt them to respond to special customer requests, being able to provide tailored services.

Eclexys combines hardware and software expertise while keeping a strong focus on innovation, performance, optimization and integration aspects.